Sharing the crochet love. And some robots.

For the Neo-Natal Unit..

Please forgive my photographic non-skills! Something else for me to be working on, I suppose. The apple is in there to give an idea of scale, it’s obviously not going to the neonatal unit 🙂

This little cardigan is about medium sized; I do a slightly larger one, and a heartbreakingly small one for the precious wee babies that are just too small to make it. The sleeves may look a little wide; I make them wide on purpose so that the nurses, or the parents, can get the baby’s tiny hands through without difficulty.

I am trying to get a nice bundle of hats and cardigans of all sizes and colours ready to be donated to my local hospital in mid December. This year I am also including some tiny trousers for the first time. I will try to get some photos of those up soon.

These are mostly worked on at night, after I have put my two children to bed, and are an excellent reminder for me to count my blessings in life. That is quite an old fashioned phrase, but I have yet to find a better one. Sometimes if the kids have been acting up or wearing me out, one look at these little clothes and I remember just how lucky I am.

These are always donated in honour of a beautiful nephew of mine, who was perfect but just too early and too tiny, and who couldn’t stay. I like to think that his little life changed us all, and that the good things done in his name might help bring a tiny shred of comfort to another family hit by such a sad loss. Many, many of the little items at neo-natal units everywhere are donated by other bereaved families who are hoping the same thing; there is lots and lots of love in every stitch.


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