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“Accidental Cardigan”

Sometimes in the past, when I was crocheting something and it started to look…well…rubbish, I would rip it out and feel very annoyed with myself. This happened especially when I was following a pattern, and what I was making didn’t look much like the picture. (This was usually because I had used the wrong yarn, or hadn’t read the pattern properly!)

A friend of mine asked me to make a cardigan for her niece, and it looked as though this cardigan was going to go the same way. I chose a nice soft sparkly yellow yarn, and was aiming for a matinee-style coat, with a flared skirt and a more fitted bodice, like so many vintage baby patterns. I got to this point, and realised it did not look as good as in my head;


The skirt part didn’t flare out enough, the design was a little babyish for a one year old, and the yellow was turning out to be a little bland for such a large garment. I still love the yarn, but for smaller clothes, I think. (It’s called “Stardust Wondersoft,” by Stylecraft, and it is really, really soft!)

Instead of ripping it out and then eating biscuits in a bad mood for the evening, I did this;


Please excuse the collar in this pic, it hadn’t been blocked yet and should sit like this;


I wasn’t sure about white and yellow, but it really worked and I was delighted not to have to start again. (This was actually my third time starting again, I ate a lot of biscuits this week. )

So I guess sometimes, something looks like it is going horribly wrong, but if you try to think “around” the problem, the solution is often as simple as different coloured sleeves.


I am going to have to borrow a baby for future photos, clothes always look better being worn.

Now that the cardigan is finally finished, I am free to get on with the next project….but I have been so inspired by all the lovely pictures on everyone’s blogs, I don’t know what that project will be yet. So many ideas! So much yarn in my stash!



Comments on: "“Accidental Cardigan”" (4)

  1. Lovely cardy! Lucky baby!

  2. First of, let me say, I feel guilty not visiting your space as often as I would have loved to. Your work is amazing and there is so much to learn from you. This baby cardi is awesome ! Ripping out our work is something no crocheter can stop I guess. Unless ofcourse we are well into the project like yours was.

    You are quite a prolific hooker 🙂

    • Thank you so much!
      I am really enjoying sharing my pics, and more than that I am loving visiting everyone else’s pages and seeing all of their colourful ideas and inspiration 🙂

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