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Cosy Farming Fun

Sometimes when I need to use up a lot of my stash in a hurry, (so much yarn, so little space to store it! And still I want more!) I like to whip up a blanket or two.
(Why did I think it was a good idea to take the photo before the blocking? I have no idea!)

I love making blankets for kids that are more than just functional; I hope that the red tractor or the fuzzy donkey on this one might have distracted it’s little owner long enough for the child’s mother to get the shopping finished, for example.

I have made several of these, each with a different theme. There was a seaside blanket with a crab and a bucket and spade, and there was an autumnal one with an apple and a bumble bee. I can’t quite believe that I gave those away without taking at least one photograph! But it’s ok, there is plenty more yarn in the stash, and no shortage of ideas when my kids are around.

I am contemplating a robot theme (of course!) for my next blanket, or possibly a space/stars theme. Sometimes a blanket will be started with one thing in mind and by sheer chance it turns into something else along the way! I have lots of butterfly and flower colours to use up, so maybe a garden or meadow blanket, which I am sure my girl will love.

One thing is certain though; if I want another blanket, my hands need to be crocheting, not typing. But first, they need to make me a cup of coffee.

Hope everyone is having a good day. If you have any inspirational blanket ideas, I would love to hear them 🙂


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  1. Okaaay…so loving the blanket a LOT! And also the themes are a great idea! But I have a question about blocking. What, in your opinion is the best way? I tried it with the iron steam thing, and also with wrapping the item in damp towels. Neither was a great success because the yarn just got squished. I like my bouncy softness I do! So do you block.
    Oh…and just one more thing. I do actually have a phobia of robots. I mean, you are lovely an’ all, but robots in general just make me panic a li’l bit. 🙂

    • Oh no! I have never met anyone with a robot-phobia before! You poor thing. I thought my bursting-balloon phobia was bad 😮 🙂
      Blocking, I am definitely a recent convert to. I used to think it was just a waste of time, and I was in such a hurry to get my new creation out into the world that I would skip that step altogether!
      But it does make a real difference, especially if, like me, you get the occasional wonky seam 🙂
      My favourite way is to really soak the thing in water (not hot water, but can be lukewarm!) and then lay it out on a towel. Thats the time when you can really get to work on it, pushing bits into place and straightening up the wonkiness. If it’s a lacy thing you can pin it out and that helps open up the pattern, but mostly I just let it lie on the towel, and dry. And dryyyy…. And dryyy…. it can take a long time. But no heat means no squish, yay! 🙂

  2. Such a clever idea, and beautifully done.

  3. Simply exquisite !! What a lovely idea. Just curious, how do you do these patterns ..the tractors, sheep etc…what technique if you don’t mind my asking ..just love to learn more and more …..from experts like you 🙂

    • Aw that is very flattering, thank you – but if you could see all the projects that didn’t quite turn out so well, you wouldn’t call me an expert! 🙂
      The sheep on this blanket were just a few rows of SC (or DC UK terms) worked n a fuzzy yarn! The tractor was two rectangles of red with a circle for a wheel. There was a lot of trial and error with this, I just kept re-working until I made a shape that looked right. It would have been more difficult if they were larger, but they were so small that I could keep it fairly simple 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing …hopefully I will attempt it sometime !

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