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Panda Feet, Bunny Slippers

ImageI have always loved baby feet, baby shoes, cute bootees, animal slippers, anything cutesie for little tootsies. So this latest project has seen me working away at trying to make the perfect panda shoes. I do like them; but unfortunately, they are far from perfect.

I have trouble getting faces, and eyes in particular, just the way I want them. In the past they have turned out either looking horribly evil, or just plain messy. This time I thought I would try out these button eyes……but as they are not safety eyes, I couldn’t shake the worry that a determined baby would be able to detach one. I double, triple, quadruple stitched them in place, but in the end I gave in to the worry-voice, and put them on the feet of someone I knew would not end up choking – my son’s cuddly tiger. They are a great fit, actually!

While I was working on the panda shoes, I thought I had found a way to get some ears on the shoes while they were being worked up, to avoid having to stitch them on afterwards (always looking for ways to avoid the making up!) So I made some little bunny slippers to see if it would work – and it did, hooray!

Image I am delighted that the ears worked, and decided not to stress too much over the faces this time, since these shoes are destined for another teddy bears feet – if my son gets a pair for his tiger, my daughter also needs a pair for her bear! She hasn’t seen them yet, I am going to sneak them onto her bear tonight for her to find in the morning.

I would love to be able to get these little faces just right so that I can create something super cute for all the little babies I know. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? I would love to hear it!


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