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Adult Bunny Slippers! I love!

Image  Okay, it’s been mainly bunny shoes here for the last few days, but these are the first I have ever done in an adult size…and they are mine, yippee!


I hardly ever make anything for myself, but  a little inspiration from a fellow blogger (thank you so much Anabbloggin!) and I was scrambling to the yarn cupboard to get hooking up a little Monday treat just for me.

Image I am delighted with how they turned out, and my daughter has even put in an order for a pair of her own – so I had better get busy 🙂




Comments on: "Adult Bunny Slippers! I love!" (11)

  1. I wish there was a *love* button. Like, just isn’t enough for this 😀

  2. Oh my God!! These are so adorable!!! Definitely a treat for self!! 🙂

  3. These are fab! Where do I find the pattern? I want to make some too!,

    • Thank you! I will be posting the pattern here as soon as I have had another practise – it is hard to get the instructions in my head down onto paper in a way that makes sense to other people! 🙂

  4. Woooohooooooo!!!

    Absolutely AWESOME!!! And you are a machine! That was so fast lol. I hope I get to be like you when I ‘grow up’ hehehe 😀 Love them!

  5. EEEE! Love them! 🙂

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