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Saving Money on Twinkly Yarn




I love love LOVE all those gorgeous yarns with the sparkly sequins, beads, and other bits of shiny happiness dotted along the whole way through the ball. But they are so expensive! Great for a gift for someone special, but not so great if you have a stack of gifts to make and not a lot of cash in the kitty. 


So here is what I do; in the hoodie above, the sleeves, button bands and hood (sorry you can’t see that, I only have a snip of these pics saved!) are made with a lovely soft dk in a natural colour that is in the same colour range as the fancy yarn of the front panels. I only had to buy one small ball of the sequin yarn, but I still got the lovely effect in the hoodie. Some buttons to match the sequin colours tied the whole thing together. This was a really popular project, I wish I had a better photo! (This hoodie was toddler-sized, I’m not sure if sparkly bits are a great idea for the very young.)


Here is a snip of a larger cardigan, that cost even less to make


Again, I used some twinkly sequin yarn, but striped it randomly with different greys that I had in my stash, and added sleeves and collar in a lovely soft dark grey. This was for a child of about 7, who loved it. I liked that the sparkle was there without being totally in-your-face sequin overload. 


With the scraps and ends that I had left over, I was able to make a few hats, each of them different, and each with just a little glinty shiny catch-your-eye loveliness. (Magpie genes in the family tree? Possibly.) 





So there you go. It is possible to splash out on one or two lovely super-special yarns and stretch them out to create several projects – and use up some of the stash at the same time, yippee! 


The only two things you really need to keep in mind;

Gauge of yarn – some of the fancy ones look like dk/worsted weight but can surprise you when you start to work with them. Make sure the yarns you have chosen to match the fancy-pants one all work up to the same tension. (You could use different sized hooks if it is just a little off.)


Washing/care instructions – many of the fancy yarns are handwash only, or need a cool setting. Make sure the person you give the garment to knows that! (Another reason not to use them on a baby – no new parent needs a handwash only cardigan as a gift!) 


I know a lot of people, like me, are on a yarn diet at the minute, so I am sorry if this is putting temptation in your way. But on the bright side, next time you do have a yarn splurge, look how much further it will go! 🙂


Comments on: "Saving Money on Twinkly Yarn" (9)

  1. Well this is just a fabulous idea! Less is more, as they say – and to have just a touch of sparkly-ness is better than waaaay too much.Your pics are so pretty – nice colours. I like the grey cardigan best I think 😀

  2. I haven’t seen these sparkly yarn ….looks interesting. But ofcourse, not just me who is on a yarn diet, but my wallet is forever on one …very thin and fit 🙂 So your technique is awesome to stay yarn fit 😉

  3. Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I’m kinda new to blogging so I didn’t know how to reach out to my followers. But here I am…yay!!! Hope you have fun

    Great work by the way. I wish I knew how to crochet

  4. I think ‘less is more’ with sequins, anyway, so your idea works really well aesthetically as well as financially. A whole garment made with sequinned yarn might be slightly OTT.

  5. Great ideas. 🙂

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