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Here it is, the latest work in progress. Sorry about the title, I couldn’t help myself!


This is an order I am working on for a lady who saw the “Accidental Cardigan” from an earlier post, and wanted something similar for a Christening present. I thought I would try it in a different colour, something that would be more of a contrast to the white sleeves.


The “blip” in question isn’t the variation in colour, that is a feature of the yarn I am using – called “Marble” or something similar – I’ve lost the ballband.

The blip is to do with the size of the cardigan. I think it might be coming out too big. This is often a problem when working from a “head-pattern,” as you really do have to make a guess and then wait and see how it turns out. 


The question now is, do I rip it out and try again, or do I give the lady a slightly larger cardigan, knowing that the wee tot will probably grow into it in no time? I am leaning towards carrying on…can’t figure out whether that is my laziness coming out though! 


Oh well, I will let you know what I decide, and hopefully share a pic of the cardigan when it is finished. Have a lovely Friday everyone xxx


Comments on: "Do I Rip the WIP with the Blip?" (4)

  1. I would keep it, if I were you. Just explain that it turned out a little bit bigger than you imagined. If the lady was inspired by your “accidental cardigan” then I’m sure she will understand! I think it looks lovely.

  2. Good luck. I envy you being able to work with head patterns. 🙂

    • Thank you! My goal is to get at least a couple of my head-patterns down onto paper; they keep turning out differently each time, and I would love to be able to make two the same 🙂

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