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Just sharing a little bit of color again as these short days and dark evenings can really get people down.

Today was a good day for me and the kids, we were out in the fresh air and saw lots of Christmas lights. They are starting to get really excited about Christmas, which is lovely, but it seems to me that adults have to work a whole lot harder to stay positive in the winter months. 


This is a blanket I made last year. In the photo it is folded and hanging over a rail, which is why it looks distorted. I am definitely adding another of these to my list of “projects I will be starting if I could only find the time.”  I would be able to drape it over the sofa for curling up in when it is chilly – though I would have to make it long enough for two smaller people to curl up in with me! 


Other ways to get a little colour in your life;


1. Hang a bird feeder in the garden so that you can see it from your window. The birdsong is a bonus.


2. Plant some seeds in a plantpot and keep it on your windowsill. That moment when you see the first leaves coming up is so uplifting.


3. Leave the kids alone for less than a minute in a room with some crayons. The three week clean up operation will keep you too busy to feel down. 


I have only really suffered with the winter blues once, and that was last year due to the never-ending winter that we had. The grey, rainy days just dragged on and I felt as though that winter lasted from October til about May! 

This year I would like to be prepared, in case winter lingers too long again and spring takes its time in getting here – especially since our family unit is feeling very delicate at the moment, and maybe not as strong as it would normally be. 


Has anyone got any tips on how to stop the weather and the season from having too much of an effect on our mood? Do you have any special winter crochet projects that make you all happy and smiley inside? I’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas for me! 



Comments on: "Trying for a Colourful Winter" (6)

  1. I have seen on another blog where a lady suffers from SAD. She purchases a light therapy box to help her when the days are terribly grey. I don’t know if that might help you.
    Rather than making a huge blanket to snuggle under, you could make two smaller ones for the smaller bodies. I guarantee they will treasure it. My son still hangs on to the small cot sized rug I crocheted for him when he was a baby.

    • My local library has a light box that they sit by the reading area all through the winter, I think I might call down and have a little read 🙂 I love reading anyway, so what better way to pass a Monday morning!
      Great idea too about the smaller blankets, I really like the thought of them having their own little ones to snuggle up under. I wish there were more hours in the day sometimes! 🙂

  2. Perhaps involve your kids into doing some craft with you, decorate their room/house with their creations. Teach your daughter to crochet if she is old enough and seems inclined to learn. I used to keep my daughter creatively occupied during the ‘homebound’ holidays when she was small and decorated her room with all the stuff she created. The walls were covered from roof to floor with her drawings and crafty stuff 😉

    • That sounds like a great way to get through the winter! Both kids are mad about painting and that sort of thing, maybe now is the time to start making a list of possible projects for them to be working on. I have tried to teach my girl to knit and crochet, slightly more success with the knitting so might try again this year. My boy is always on at me to teach him, though he is still just 4 so maybe a bit young yet! 🙂

  3. I’m working on my first crochet project which is a granny square blanket ( where better to start)? Although, I will confess, this is my season; I love the dark nights snuggled up in front of the fire with a mulled wine, crafty project, and DVD box set!

    • Oh that does sound like the perfect winter evening! I quite like the cosy evenings, listening to the rain on the windows when I know I don’t have to go out in it, that sort of thing…it’s the rainy days that get me. Good luck with your blanket, I look forward to seeing it! 🙂

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