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Rabbit Population Explosion



I know, I know, more bunnies. But you start with two, and then you know how it goes, they just keep on popping up all over the place. 


This pair was a request from my daughter. Her baby doll has been clothed in lovely snuggly crocheted clothes for a while now, but the wee man had nothing for his feet. She was delighted when I showed her these, it was well worth the effort (small things are so much more frustrating than bigger things at times!)


Here is a newborn-sized shoe to show the size difference





And some great news; A local gift shop has placed an order for some of my animal bootees, “As many as you can make,” was the quantity they asked for 🙂 They will offer them for sale and then I will receive a commission from each pair that sells. It is just pocket money really, a long way from paying the bills, but great for my confidence and great motivation to keep going with it. 


I will hopefully post some photos soon of some of my non-bunny critters. 

Hope everyone is having a great Monday xxx 


Comments on: "Rabbit Population Explosion" (16)

  1. hah! I knew it. They will sell well 🙂

    • Hopefully! I wonder just how many I can make….:)

      • If you took them to an Xmas fair it would be even n better! All profits to you O_O.

      • We did have a Christmas fair just recently but I didn’t have enough things ready in time. My fault – it’s not as if I didn’t know Christmas was coming! I must keep a look out for any other fairs happening 🙂

      • Bright side: one year to make loads of stuff for the next one 😀

      • And if I start now; I might even make a dent in the stash! 🙂

      • Yup! Been wondering if one day I can accumulate enough stuff to sell and make some serious cash. Maybe when the crisis if over, like in twenty years >:(.

      • I think the only people who make massive amounts are the people who are not afraid to charge big prices. I am always afraid to charge too much, but when you add up the hours that go in to something, our little bits and pieces should cost a lot more!

      • Yeah, I feel the same. The only way I can convince myself to sell cheaper is to think “I did this during my spare time, when I could have been doing nothing of use (not learning anything, not earning anything, not exercising, not having fun, not doing anything that should be done, just being lazy or watching mind numbing nonsense on tv), so it’s just a bonus”. Of course I have never sold anything, but I have given it thought.

      • Have you many craft fairs near you? We don’t have very many at all, it seems to depend a lot on where you live. You should give it a go and see how you get on, I don’t think you would need to build up masses of stock, just enough to cover your table neatly and a few spares in case you sell out of anything. It can be a real buzz when someone admires your work, whether they buy it or not! 🙂

      • Zero craft fairs (permanent at least) , but I do have a flea market I could try, it takes place twice a week. Lots of people try to sell their stuff there, and I think that’ll be the first place I try.

      • Ooooh, sounds very promising!

  2. hah! I knew it. They will sell well 🙂

  3. So cute!! 🙂

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