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Memory-Provoking Colours



Just taking a break from the baby shoes for a bit to stop myself getting jaded with the repetition, and taking some time to enjoy how colours work together –  crochet for crochet’s sake, I suppose.

I have always loved different shades of blue, and I knew that white worked with blue, but brown? It was there in my stash, I gave it a try, and I find I really like the natural look of this colourscheme. 

The brown is more of a tan colour, this picture makes it look quite dark, and it reminds me of the beach – not that we have muddy beaches here, we have lovely golden sand. However, we also get a fair bit of rain, so rather than wait for a sunny day we take a lot of rainy walks on the beach, and the sand looks quite dark then. Some of my favourite memories with the kids are of those rainy days by the sea, so maybe it is that association that draws me to these colours. 

I do remember using similar colours in a cardigan before that was really popular; here is a snip of one;



I think I might use these colours for one of the blankets I am hoping to make for me and the kids; a beachy memory blanket. 


Does anyone else have colours that provoke memories for them? How would you use your memory colours to create something really special? I would love to know what stories manage to attach themselves to your work 🙂


Comments on: "Memory-Provoking Colours" (4)

  1. The colour are just beautiful together, beachy memory blanket…was a fabulous idea

  2. I made a rug for my son once in pale green, cream and tan. It worked really well together.

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