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Butterfly hat



Just sharing a pic of a butterfly hat that I made using a wonderful book called “100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet” by Lesley Stanfield. It has some amazing flowers, leaves, insects and fruit, and the pictures make them all look so pretty that I could just sit flicking through the pages for hours! 

I am returning to the bootees today so am having a little look for some more inspiration. I do have a list of shoes that I would like to make, the problem is  making the yarn stash fit the list – I am still yarn-dieting and very reluctant to buy more yarn, especially when the shoes only take up such small amounts. I don’t want to buy 100 grams of yarn when I know I will only use a tenth of that! (yes, I know I could make 10 pairs, but the repetition can be quite draining and can really suck all the fun out of crochet.) 

I got a little sidetracked looking for online inspiration, and ended up gazing in wonder at some beautiful crochet lace, in all it’s many forms. I guess that is another one to add to the wish list! It seems that for every project that I finish, another ten ideas spring up to replace it – and there just aren’t enough hours in the day! 

Hope everyone is having a great Monday (no really, there is such a thing!) 🙂





Comments on: "Butterfly hat" (9)

  1. Soo cute, 🙂

  2. lovely butterfly !! all these applique are so cute that you want to make them all …maybe I will make them ALL 🙂 Eurekha !!!!!! I am going to start an applique series ;))

  3. Pretty pretty pretty! I have the same book and have just made one of these butterflies – it’s not nearly as neat as yours, though!

    • Ahem….I have to confess, the butterfly in this photo is probably attempt number 5 or 6, it took quite a while to get everything sitting flat and not “holey!” It seems to me that the smaller something is, the trickier it is to get right 🙂

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