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Winter, Do Your Worst




I may have had one or two slightly “off” days lately, but I am on my way back up and that means a break from sugar headaches, niggly worries, and bouts of snappiness with the kids. 

It also means that I am crocheting happy hats and shoes again, rather than trawling the internet for some inspiration, and losing precious hours of crafting time to the world wide web. 

Here is a ladybird hat that I have just finished, and am quite pleased with. Is that because his lovely red yarn is super soft and snuggly, or because looking at his little smile made me realise that I am over that little mini-blip and am back to my normal self again? 

Both, probably. It is funny how our creations often mirror the feelings inside without us even realising. I wouldn’t have felt much like putting a smile on a ladybird yesterday! 

Winter does this to me, I knew that and was prepared for it, to a point. I wasn’t prepared for the difficulties at home, and it is a great shame that they teamed up with the grey days of winter to try to bring me down together, but I can do this. 

Lets have some better days 🙂


Comments on: "Winter, Do Your Worst" (4)

  1. I love your ladybird! That’s so clever. Is it difficult to make?

    • Thank you! I made a basic hat in htr, (hdc,) and then added bits and pieces until it looked ladybirdy enough! The hardest part was getting the black stripe to go in a reasonably straight line – and I still don’t think it is straight! If I can get the pattern written up I will put it up here, though it may be after Christmas at the rate I am going! 🙂

  2. It’s awful when outside influences affects life at home. I know I can be really snappy at home when I’m under pressure. I can see myself doing it. At least now my daughter is old enough to recognize when things are getting to me. ‘You’re being cross’, she says, and I try to bit my tongue and force a happy voice.
    The winter is always worse. xx

    • Things are better today, and even if this is just a temporary break from the moods it is enough to give us all a little lift.
      My daughter will tell me to “Think about rainbows,” which is a joke about a very corny self-help book that once found its way into our house. I don’t know if thinking about rainbows helps, but I do know that being told to do that by a 9 year old who thinks I am a total grump is usually enough to snap me out of it! 🙂

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