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Detoxing with crochet



That’s it over for another year, and for us the most relaxed, fuss-free celebrations we have ever had. I hope that reflects the stage we are at in our lives, as it is so reassuring to think that we have come through the worst times and are free to enjoy the good times that are ahead. 

I put the yarn and hook away during the decorating of the house, and have just taken them back out again for a little “me” time. It is a relief to not be crocheting to a deadline anymore, as coming up to Christmas I had a list of projects that needed to be finished. There were four minion hats for children of relatives, varying in age from 4 months to 5 years. There were the two mini minions that I had decided to make for my own kids, (which were very well received!) There was a  package of tiny clothes for the neo natal unit. And there was the blocking, and re-blocking of my bruges lace piece, which became a last-minute addition to my gift to an aunt of mine. It’s been non-stop, but mostly small, varied projects, which helped prevent things from becoming a drag.

However, all of the gift-making left me feeling a little uninspired this evening, and I felt I was searching for a new project to begin. I hate that feeling, I would much rather have a list of ideas to choose from and be working on a dozen different projects than be sitting here not knowing what to start next. I couldn’t even remember what was on my ideas wish list, it had all gone a bit blank. 

When that happens, I think the most important thing is just to start something, anything, and then the ideas will come flooding back. So I decided to make some baby trainers, and sure enough, now my head is full of ideas and inspiration for the coming year. It does feel a little like a detox, cleansing all the stuff that doesn’t need to be in there, and making some room for me again. Having a hobby like crochet is so good for that; reminding us to take a little time every day to do something that we enjoy, just for the pleasure of creating something new, and then sharing it with the world. 


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