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…or the unearthing of long-buried unfinished crochet projects.

I looked in the Cupboard today. The Cupboard that everyone has in their home, that rarely gets opened because once you do everything tumbles out. I can’t understand how I have a cupboard like that, when I have only lived in this house for 11 months – and I am almost obsessively neat everywhere else! – but it had a lot of yarny tangliness in it, so I just had to grit my teeth and get the scissors out.

I unearthed a number of treasures; some lost hooks, two little hats that must have fallen out of the neo-natal pile, some lovely soft DK in a great shade of green. And at the very back, 8 brightly coloured granny squares that I can barely, just barely, remember making.


This is my one and only UFO and it is getting finished straight away – because it was to be a blanket for donation to a local old peoples’ home. I don’t know how I managed to leave it undone for so long, but the idea was to give it to the home that looked after my granny in the final months of her life, almost 10 years ago. I think I must have started the blanket about 2 years ago and it somehow moved into the new house with us, unnoticed. 

I was using bright colours so that if the person who received it was losing their sight, they might still be able to make out different shades. I was using super soft yarn because I remember my granny, as she started to regress to a blissfully childlike state, used to rub everything between her fingertips, sometimes for hours, to feel the different textures. 

So, I have a tidy-ish cupboard again, the UFO is going to become a FO and find a new home keeping an old person warm, and the bonus for me is that blankets are amazing stash-busters, and I have a stash that is in need of a good busting! Hooray! 







Comments on: "Ar-chet-ology…" (4)

  1. Your blanket will be well appreciated. Individuals living with dementia respond to colour and as some appear to really feel the cold the soft yarn will provide added warmth, what a thoughtful stash buster 🙂

    • I am really glad to hear this, I can’t believe I left the squares lying for as long as I did! They really ate up the yarn too, I am going to start another one in more manly colours 🙂

  2. Believe me, I have carried stuff inadvertently for 10 years, from house to house suddenly discovering a forgotten gem ! I am glad those granny squares will finally go to a granny 🙂

    • It must be a crafters unique skill to be able to get half way through something and then bury it so completely that is lies hidden for years! Thank goodness that UFO is now finished 🙂

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