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This might not look like much, but tonight it has helped me in the fight against Imaginary Hunger, Boredom Eating, Comfort Eating, and Eating Because There Is Nice Food In The House – all the Stupid Hungers, basically.

I posted just a few days ago about starting over again on my weight loss journey. So far I have been going pretty much ok; no figures to report as yet, because I have no scales in the house at the minute. ( I have done that deliberately as I have been pretty obsessy about weighing in the past and my daughter is now 9, which puts her in the danger zone. Daily weighing is not a behaviour I wish to pass on to her!)

The first few days of a new eating plan can be a massive anti climax. You put in a few good days, deny yourself all your favourite treats, feel pretty virtuous, and then wait for the compliments to roll in…which they don’t. You slip on your jeans in the morning, expecting to be at least another notch slimmer on your belt…and you aren’t. It takes massive will power to stick to the programme when you feel like all your efforts are getting you nowhere, and nobody is even noticing all your hard work. Last time I lost the weight, it took a full four stone (56 pounds, or 25 kilos) before my own mother asked me if I had lost a little weight. I waited a very long time to hear that question! 

Having said all that, I was prepared this time around and am quite happy to wait another 56 pounds before anyone notices again – I have learned a little patience over the years and am ready for the challenge.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the emotional toll of facing up to the demons that cause me to over eat. And the cold! I am so cold today, obviously my body is adjusting to the sudden lack of junk food by shutting down all non essential systems. Thanks, body! If there is one thing guaranteed to make me waver, it is sitting here miserable and freezing. 

But I can get through this. I am working on my second stash busting blanket, pictured above, and have decided to go all Tunisian for a change. And to make sure that I don’t give in to the food cravings, I made them a feature of the design! 

Every time a craving hit, I changed yarn, turned the work, and changed direction. So as you can see, I am getting a random patchy effect that is eating up my yarn stash while taking my mind off the cookie jar. Yes, it might seem a little bizarre, but do you know what? It is working. And when the blanket is finished, I will take a picture of it, to remind me of all of the cravings that I didn’t give in to. 

Plus, all the yarn is keeping me nicely cosy, bonus for me! Yippee! 🙂



Comments on: "Battling with the Stupid Hungers" (13)

  1. I think that is an excellent, excellent, amazing idea! What a fantastic way to show how you beat the cravings. I might try that sometime when I need to focus on something. Now, where did I put my Tunisian hooks…..?

  2. You can do it! I have yet to restart that journey. I’m working up to it…

    • Thank you! Re-starting is definitely the hardest part, you have to feel ready – I kept putting off the start date because I like food so much 🙂

  3. lundygirl said:

    You’re doing well – keep going!

    • Thank you 🙂 I can’t believe I did it alone last time when there was all this amazing support available online. I will definitely get there this time, with all of this lovely encouragement!

  4. A very loud cheer for you from my corner of the world, you created instead of letting the demons get to you, the “hunger games” blanket as I shall now call it ….is testament to your strength…you can do this ..GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Luckily, so far (I know what awaits if I have a baby, just need to look at my mom), I have had little to no issues with my weight. I gained some a few years ago, when i met my partner, but I was a bit too thin anyways.

    Today, there are two people that tell me the same thing everytime they see me “you are a bit fuller”, and I’m not, I’ve been the same damn weight for the past 3 years, yet they still tell me this every single time. Even though I have no issues with my weight, body appearance etc, this annoys me, and it is stupid that it does. It shouldn’t annoy me.

    Thinner or fuller, weight will always touch a nerve if you let it. As to your mother only commenting about your weight after you lost 25kg (awesome btw), all i can suggest is that you try really hard to block other people’s opinions bout your body by focusing on doing this for yourself only, not for others. Think that with every kilo you lose you will gain precious moments of life, and precious health and comfort as you age.

    Even though it certainly helps, you don’t really need recognition to lose weight faster, you just need determination and strength. And judging by how hard recognition of others comes for you, screw it! Do it for you and for your future, do it for your kids and be happy with every kilo you shed off, and every kilo you keep off.

    • Thank you so much, this has really inspired me tonight. I should be concentrating on the extra time I will gain with my children, not what other people see when they look at me. That is a thought that I will definitely be returning to regularly for motivation 🙂

  6. Love the idea behind the blanket and what you’ve got started. Great stash buster too. I may steal your idea!!

  7. creative hunger games 😉 like it 🙂

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