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No-Weigh Monday




Ergh, if I had realised I would be sharing this, I would have written a little more neatly! 

Time to be brave – if I haven’t the guts (or an excess of guts) to put up a “before” pic, the measurements will have to do instead. I have decided, you see, that this will be a “No Weigh” diet, at least for now. Not because I don’t want to know how much I currently weigh – although, if I am honest, it isn’t breaking my heart not to know! – but because weighing in would require the purchase of some weighing scales. Which would lead to the obsessive weighing and numbers-fixation of the past. I need to protect my children from that, and also, if it hasn’t worked too well for me in the past, then it is time to find a better way. 

Instead of focusing on weight, I will be taking measurements to track my progress, and I have chosen Mondays as my measure-day. If it doesn’t become too boring, I will also share my progress here on a Monday, or possibly fortnightly if it gets a little repetitive. 

What is to stop me from becoming measuring-tape obsessed instead? Well, the fact the tape is permanently icy-cold makes the measuring a less addictive process, for starters! 

I am also hoping that not looking at the scales for reassurance all the time will help me to focus on how I feel; in my clothes, in my body, in my emotions. There is more to weight gain than just eating too much, so if I want to break the cycle I need to know what else has to change, apart from just the food I eat and the exercise I take. 

Anyway; I am still very much at the beginning of this journey, to use a very tired weight loss cliche. But I am delighted with how I have done so far – some of my measurements have already changed for the better, and I do feel very positive. 

My treat for last week has been bubble baths – quite a few of them, actually. It would probably be quite wasteful if it weren’t for the fact that I take up most of the room in the bath at the minute, leaving only a little room for the water. Hopefully I will be seeing that change before too long!

My mini-goal for this week is to decide on a yarn for the top I hope to wear when I get to a healthier size. That top is still in the design stages at the minute, but I feel there is plenty of time to get it finished! Here is just one of the ideas I have been doodling..



I am not an artist! But, as long as I know in my head how it is supposed to look, that doesn’t matter. These little doodles are another way to keep me motivated, so there will be plenty more of them too! 

I hope anyone else embarking on a new plan or setting a new goal is also feeling the positive buzz this morning. We can do this! 


Comments on: "No-Weigh Monday" (21)

  1. Yeah !!!! your doing great CONGRATULATIONS 😀

  2. Hah! I see the numbers going down already 😀

    I’m doing something similar, which is forcing myself to go to the gym more often. I slack a lot. Trying to go 3 times a week because I know that at 4, my inner mule starts to set in, and as the boyfriends tries to pull my forward, I start to pull back, kicking and screaming and looking like an idiot. I am writing in my agenda all the days I go and what i did (swimming and taekwondo mostly, I have no patience to go on those horrible machines with all those people around me).

    • Oooh I love swimming too, although find it much harder to find the motivation when it is cold and wet outside – how silly is that?! I will be getting wet in the pool anyway?!
      Good luck with sticking to your plan, I hope it gets easier for us when we can really feel the benefits of it all 🙂

      • I am just like you lol. Come winter and I don’t want to even think about going to the pool. Doesn’t matter if the changing room is warm, that I can wrap a towel around my body, that the pool is warm, that I have a machine that dries the swimming suit. Nono, it’s winter, and that’s the one that sticks in my mind lol!

        I recently noticed a change in my body, other than stronger legs, but I think it’s because I stopped taking the pill after taking it for over a decade: less belly fat. I can use these jeans I hadn’t used in well… over a decade LOL!

        Hope it gets easier too. Some mornings I find myself not wanting to go, and I only go at night. Only morning and I am already dreading it lol :/

      • Wowee, it must be great to be back in your old jeans! 🙂
        I find sometimes the only way I can make myself get up and go is by promising the kids a trip to the pool – they would be devastated if I wimped out on them. Great for the motivation, although I can’t swim as much when I am trying to keep a hold of the two of them! 🙂

      • Yeah I find that having a person to ‘drag’ you really really helps. I don’t think I’d go alone, I’d just curl up in a ball at home watching t.v series or playing computer games lol.

      • I think as long as you have a little balance in your life, there is nothing wrong with curling up at home every now and then 🙂 In fact, that is what I am doing right now, and it is great 🙂

  3. I am! A new plan and attainable goals. I will be cheering for you 🙂

  4. lundygirl said:

    Great idea to use measurements, I think it’s a better way of seeing the difference you are making. I am impressed!

    • I was more than a little horrified at my starting measurements, to be honest; you can’t really hide, the way you can with weight! But the changes are coming, I will get there 🙂

  5. Good luck! Having given up smoking last year I could do with losing a little myself since I replaced smoking with snacking. I’m trying to knit more to prevent idle hands wandering to crisps and cheese!

    • Thank you! Well done on giving up smoking, that is a massive achievement and will make huge differences to your health. I know it is hard to stop snacking when your sense of taste improves after quitting though – but knitting is the perfect distraction. Yay us!

  6. well done you. Great start xx

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