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I have often come across patterns for crocheted dishcloths and washcloths, and in the past have never quite understood why anyone would want to put so much work into something just to have it wiped across a greasy plate or covered in ketchup. 

However, I did have a few cotton tension squares lying around about a year ago, and they somehow found their way into the kids’ bath. They made lovely soft washcloths, much nicer than the shop-bought flannels we had at the time. The kids used to fight over them – I was so surprised!

I think, out of all the things I have made for my children over the years, and all the hours of work I put into everything, those scrappy tension squares were their favourites, by far! 

I’m not sure where they all went, but we have one left now, and I caught my wee boy using it to wash the bathroom walls for me – so helpful! So tonight I decided to hook up a few replacements for their next bath. 

My girl has a butterfly in lovely buttery yellow, while my boy gets a smiley face in a blue/green shade that he will love. I have even started on one for myself, to be kept safe from any future “cleaning” the kids might choose to assist me with.  

I can kind of see now why people like to make these, although I still haven’t used one as a dishcloth yet! I know people like to give handmade dishcloths as gifts, so I guess that would be a nice way to perk someone up while they are doing their housework.Perhaps I will give it a try, if I can bring myself to dunk my lovely yarn into the kitchen sink! 

A little bonus is, of course, another few balls of random cotton left over from earlier projects have now been put to use, and I intend to do the same with any more cotton I find lurking in there. Yessss! Take that, stash!






Comments on: "Clean faces. And walls and floors…" (10)

  1. I have knitted quite a few face clothes for my Mum and other family members. I love them. The cotton is only cheap stuff but it’s so nice and smooth and soft. I use them more now than store bought ones. Hand made stuff is best 😀 Your wash cloths are lovely, your kids will love them!
    PS (I wouldn’t make cloths for washing dishes either!)

    • Thank you! I’m definitely converted, I will never buy a flannel again 🙂
      I’m thinking also that a handmade facecloth would be lovely as part of a new baby gift, either for baby or for mum – or both!

  2. Same as I thought it would be a travesty to put our hard work in the kitchen sink, perhaps I ought to do a re think 🙂

    • It’s a great way to try out new stitches, too! Although I thought a puff stitch might make a lovely scrubby exfoliate-y facecloth, it was way too hard and lumpy! You live and learn! 🙂

  3. I’ve had that same thought about taking the time to make something just for it to be used for washing dirty dishes & counter tops and can never quite bring myself to do it. Maybe I will try a nice cotton washcloth though.

  4. The Knitting Neurotic said:

    Right?! I use mine as washcloths too and it’s far better than the store bought ones any day! I love the smiley face one!

  5. not yet a washcloth convert 😉 although your post is pretty convincing !

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