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Monday Measure


Woop de doo, see (some of!) those numbers coming down. And brace yourselves, I have found a “before” picture…


Actually, it’s not the worst photo I have ever seen. I’m not straining to breathe or sweating with the effort of being upright.. But when I look at this photo I feel very sad about that time in my life. I would have sworn to you, if you had asked me, that I was happy and content, but maybe some things can only be seen clearly when looking back from a better place.

I firmly believe that someone’s weight gain is only a symptom of a problem that needs to be treated, rather than being the problem itself. At that point in my life there were a number of things causing me to make the wrong food choices. My boy was still waking, every two hours, every night, for the first two years of his life – looking for a hug, most nights! – and the tiredness made me crave junk food. I was also feeling very lonely and more than a little shaken from my experiences of domestic abuse. Nobody talks about that, so I felt as though I were the only person ever to go through it. Also, when someone comes through an illness or a trauma, people will come and visit, bring flowers, make tea. There is none of that for escaping domestic violence, and I felt a little “forgotten.” Not that I wanted to parade through the streets being cheered by the town, but it almost feels as though your suffering needs to be recognised, before you can leave it behind and heal.

Woah, there is a whole load of stuff that just came flooding out, when all I meant to do was put up this week’s measurements! I guess sharing our stories is part of the healing process too, and one step closer to moving on.

Anyway, I am feeling very happy with my progress so far. I think my measurements might be a little slower to change now that the initial “shock” of the new diet has worn off, so I will probably leave it for at least a fortnight before I update again.

Last week’s mini-goal was to purchase the yarn for my new top; and I have achieved that, and am waiting for it to be delivered from ebayland. Very exciting!

Last week’s treat was; herbal teas, lots of them. No, really! I was trying to re-train my horribly sweet tooth, and although most of the fruit teas I have tried have tasted a lot like hot water, I loved the aniseedy taste of fennel tea. The big winner was liquorice tea, definitely an acquired taste, but it’s syrupy sweetness killed all of my sweet cravings stone dead. I am craving that now instead! Try it!

This week’s mini-goal is to go through my wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t make me feel fabulous. If it is baggy, saggy or drab looking, it is going to the charity shop. I want to hop out of the shower in the morning excited about getting dressed. It might take a little work, but I deserve to be happy in my clothes every day, so it will be worth it.

Good luck to everyone in pursuing their goals, I hope your voyage of self discovery is as enlightening as mine has been this week. Keep it up, we can do this. xxx


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  1. hi there, you are doing so well! I didn’t know there was such a thing as licorice tea.
    Also, sorry that you felt ‘forgotten’ when you needed not to be.

    • Thank you, I am feeling so good these days. 🙂
      I think it might have been my own fault that I felt forgotten, I should have just asked for the help I needed instead of waiting for someone else to read my mind! But things are much better now, and I have learnt to speak up when I need something – as well as to watch other people closely, in case they are like I was and don’t know how to say it.

      • lundygirl said:

        Glad things are so much better now. It isn’t easy to ask for help though, even when we need it.

  2. Some of your posts on this topic and others have been hugely moving. So glad things are moving forward. If you ever need a pick-me-up, I was recommended a book by my doctor onetime when I was feeling down, (nothing treatable, just sadness), called The Feeling Good handbook by Dr David Burns. This is an amazing book and has become my go to book if I’m feeling miserable or down. For some reason getting it out and reading a bit makes me feel immeasurably happier. Which I do appreciate is psychosomatic but hey, if it works! So, as it was such a positive experience for me, I wanted to pass it on. X

    • Oh thank you so much for your very kind words!
      I will definitely look up that book, I love reading up on new ideas about keeping ourselves on the right track.I am glad you found something that worked so well for you 🙂 Thanks again xx

  3. Congrats on feeling fabulous!! Consider this to be virtual flowers but real life wishes of love and support!! I love Breathe Deep (Yogi Tea), which has licorice, so I will be drinking tea with you in spirit..
    My self-discovery voyage was recently helped immensely by TED speaker Amy Cuddy. I had never before thought about using body language to communicate to my own brain!

  4. You’re doing awesomely well and making such positive changes in your life! I will see if I can dig out some licorice tea I haven’t come across it. I’m trying to branch into fruit and herbal teas, but most taste terrible! I too like the fennel, and I’ve found a cranberry and raspberry of Twinings that has a bit more taste to it. Also, managed first day at gym today… small, positice steps! Good luck with your journey. xx

    • Thank you!
      Ooh cranberry and raspberry sounds nice, I will look out for that one! Be warned, the licorice takes some getting used to, but then it is almost like a drug that you crave, it’s so strange. Most of the fruit teas, I have found, don’t taste as nice as they sound!
      Well done on going to the gym, you must feel great after that! I love to run but I haven’t been out since I put all the weight back on. Definitely something else for me to aim for – I do miss being active but it’s much more difficult (and embarrassing) in a larger body.
      Best of luck to you too! 🙂

  5. great going there …keep it up 🙂

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