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There has been very little crochet done here lately, I have been laid low with a bout of tonsilitis that hit me so hard I half convinced myself it was some kind of flu, plague, or tropical disease (note to self – NEVER google your symptoms again!)

So here is a little story from my week that really perked me up…

The picture above is the inside of my button box. Many of you might have a similar one, and you will know then that it is not just a storage solution but also a place of inspiration. Many times I have built a cardigan around some sparkly buttons that I have found, or a little toy based on some googly eyes that were lurking in there.

It has also been incredibly useful for keeping the children entertained. I try to do most of my crochet in the evenings, after the children are tucked up in bed, so that when they are awake they do not have to feel that they are “sharing” my time. However, when the pressure is on I sometimes have to work on something during the day, so I will get the kids involved; I will ask them to find me 4 matching purple buttons,say, or 5 in the shape of a flower. My boy would sit for hours sifting through the treasure box, while for my girl it is more a case of ” Can I borrow this one for my dolls dress please?”, which is quite pleasing to hear. 

Anyway, this past few days I have been dealing with uncontrollable shivering, pounding headaches, weakness, muscle pain, and the sore throat, of course. It has been a miserable time; the only time I ever feel a bit fed up about being a single parent is at times like this, when I don’t have anyone to tell me to stay in bed while they take care of the children. I try to take the attitude that times like this make me stronger, and bring us closer as a family – and they really do.

My kids have been amazing this week; my daughter has been making sure I am warm enough, helping me up the stairs, she even woke me with a warm drink – not hot, as she knew that I wouldn’t want her to use the kettle! It’s touching to see her trying to be a grown up, but I am very glad that my little illness is a short term one, and she can go back to being a child again now that I am nearly back to full health.

My boy has also been supporting me; he took off his little coat and put it around my shoulders, when I had the shivers. I feel I have raised a 4 year old gentleman, and I am proud that he is so caring. He also gave me a present…



He came home from school excitedly clutching this single, tiny button. In his class, you can “win” buttons for good behaviour, and then you go to the front of the class and place them in the big button jar. When the jar is full, the class will win a reward, such as extra time in the playground. It’s a great way of getting the class to work together, but how did one of the buttons end up in our house?

“That’s great, you got a button, I’m so proud,” I said, “But….how come this one didn’t go in the jar?” 

“Well, you don’t have one like this,” he answered, “So I knew you would be happy if I brought it home for you.”

So, to the kids in my son’s class; I’m sorry, but I have to keep this one. It makes me smile every time I look at it, just like my son knew it would. I’m feeling better already. 


Comments on: "My treasure, and my Treasures" (12)

  1. That’s so sweet. It’s amazing how kids can really step up and care for us when we need it every so often. They must have learned to be so caring from their mom.

    • Ah thank you! That is may favourite thing about being their only parent, actually – selfishly, I get to take all the credit for the good things they do! (if only I could find a way to blame the not-so-good on someone else!) 🙂

  2. I’d forgotten I used to play in my mom’s button stash for hours!

  3. Awww bless you I hope you are feeling better after your brush with the bubonic plague, little miss and her kindness melted my heart, and little man’s button is worth it’s weight in gold, get well soon ❤

  4. So sorry to learn you have been so ill lately. But glad to learn you are recovering well now. Awwww your children are so caring and adorable. God bless them both. Sickness is a terrible time for mothers, single or not. Not being able to care for your children makes you feel more terrible than the sickness itself.
    Button sized inspirations and feel good moments are what make life worth living 🙂 Do take care of yourself.

    • Thank you! I am feeling so much better now, I kept telling myself that there are a lot of people fighting much bigger battles than tonsillitis – which just made me feel guilty, as well as miserable! 🙂 Now that the shakes are gone I feel much more able to count my blessings that my health is normally so good. I am very lucky 🙂

  5. Your kids are too cute 🙂

  6. There’s just something about a container full of buttons. I loved sorting through my Grandma’s when I was a kid and my kids enjoy mine.
    Being a single parent is tough sometimes but ,like you said, it means you get all the credit for how well your kids are turning out…and the not so well parts you can blame on genetics. 😉

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