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Still fighting in the Hunger Games



   I have finished the project that was dubbed the “Hunger Games Blanket,” so-called because I was using it to distract myself from food cravings in the evenings. (NOT starving myself, I might add; but trying to break out of emotional/boredom/mindless eating habits.) 

    Although I had a bit of a wobble in the middle when I found myself beginning to loathe the yarn I was trying to use up (it’s gone! gone! never to darken my door again with it’s hairy gloominess!), on the whole I enjoyed the idea of crocheting my cravings away. Whenever I felt like I needed a biscuit, or I heard some tasty snacks calling me from the kitchen, I occupied my mind instead with colour changes, sewing in a million ends, and planning the changes of direction in order to form a square. Looking at it now, it reminds me a little of the different coloured fields in the countryside that surrounds us.

  It’s not huge, admittedly it is a lap blanket rather than a full sized throw, but it is going to be donated to a residential home this evening along with the granny squares blanket I made earlier in January. We have just had a huge snowfall and a drop in temperatures too, so I hope it will bring a little warmth and colour to someone who needs it. 



Since finishing this, I have slipped in the snow and landed very heavily on my outstretched hand – a silly and very painful way to land! Luckily nothing was broken but the jarring pain travelled the whole way up my arm, shoulder, and neck. According to my daughter, it was hilarious – and I did make a very funny outline in the snow. It may mean no crochet for a little while though, although the time off will be a great opportunity to get all of the other little jobs done; organising the stash, re-writing the project wish list, and finalising the design for my goal-weight top! 

  Hope you are all taking care in the snow, and staying warm. Looks like the winter is not over just yet! 



Falling Out of Love…

Image ..with a yarn.


With apologies to the manufacturer of this yarn, whose name I cannot remember; when I bought this I imagined a lovely wrap or shawl in deep, natural colours, blending into one another and creating a thing of beauty. 

Now, when I look at it, I see dental floss used by a stinky witch. Or the spun hair from a shaved ogre. Or some other things that I can’t really type here without blushing.

The picture doesn’t quite show how dark these colours are, the flash bleached them out a little. I feel so disappointed, the yarn that I had such high hopes for is now a real drag to work with, and has become a lesson in stubborn-ness for me, rather than a project to bring me joy and satisfaction. (I will NOT be beaten by this ball of yarn! I will continue to beat this stash into submission, so help me!)

The colours are so dark that my eyes can only cope with working on this in natural daylight; but it’s not just that, it’s the hairiness of the yarn. What I thought was going to be lovely fuzzy softness quickly became very annoying to work with.

Never before have I got it so wrong when choosing a yarn! Has anyone else ever been besotted with a yarny purchase, only to come crashing back to reality when it comes to actually using it? I hope I am not the only one!

But it’s not all bad, I managed to incorporate this hairy beast into the blanket I am currently working on (dubbed the “Hunger Games” Blanket by some lovely fellow bloggers!) and now that it is surrounded by patches of other colours, I don’t hate it so much. So the yarn is almost all used up now, and the blanket is going to an old peoples’ home when it is finished, so it will be keeping some elderly gentleman cosy while also being far, far away from me. Everyone’s a winner! 

Lose the UFO Bad Feeling




You know that niggly, unfinshed feeling that nags away at the back of your mind when you know you have left something undone? Most crafters have a bag or box somewhere with half a jumper in it, or a single sock, or a cardigan with a million ends that are too much of a chore to sew in. Every now and then you might think about your UFOs, and be filled with a guilty shame – the UFO Bad Feeling. It is horrible! 

I have a level of neat-freakishness that rarely allows me to start a new project before the old one is finished, but I did come across 8 granny squares this week that have been gathering dust for almost two years. I decided the time has come for them to fulfill their destiny and become a blanket – and amazingly, that blanket is now complete. Quickest blanket ever! 

What was I missing when I looked at this UFO?

The fact that even a glass half empty still has something in it! An Unfinished Object is something that has been started – and so finishing the project takes a fraction of the time. Instead of looking at this project and thinking of all the hours of work I still had to do, I should have looked at it and said “Cool, 8 squares of this blanket have already been done!” 

And from now on, if I come across any more buried treasures, that is how I will look at them. Finishing them will not be a chore, it will be getting to complete a project in half the time. Yippee! 








…or the unearthing of long-buried unfinished crochet projects.

I looked in the Cupboard today. The Cupboard that everyone has in their home, that rarely gets opened because once you do everything tumbles out. I can’t understand how I have a cupboard like that, when I have only lived in this house for 11 months – and I am almost obsessively neat everywhere else! – but it had a lot of yarny tangliness in it, so I just had to grit my teeth and get the scissors out.

I unearthed a number of treasures; some lost hooks, two little hats that must have fallen out of the neo-natal pile, some lovely soft DK in a great shade of green. And at the very back, 8 brightly coloured granny squares that I can barely, just barely, remember making.


This is my one and only UFO and it is getting finished straight away – because it was to be a blanket for donation to a local old peoples’ home. I don’t know how I managed to leave it undone for so long, but the idea was to give it to the home that looked after my granny in the final months of her life, almost 10 years ago. I think I must have started the blanket about 2 years ago and it somehow moved into the new house with us, unnoticed. 

I was using bright colours so that if the person who received it was losing their sight, they might still be able to make out different shades. I was using super soft yarn because I remember my granny, as she started to regress to a blissfully childlike state, used to rub everything between her fingertips, sometimes for hours, to feel the different textures. 

So, I have a tidy-ish cupboard again, the UFO is going to become a FO and find a new home keeping an old person warm, and the bonus for me is that blankets are amazing stash-busters, and I have a stash that is in need of a good busting! Hooray! 






Sugar Headache





I should have gone straight through the kitchen, away from the scene of temptation, and distracted myself with a little study, or some crochet, or a good book. 

I could have gone for a walk to clear my head, I could have called a friend for a chat. Oh, so many things I could have, and should have done.

What did I do? I ate a lot of chocolate. Too much chocolate. And now my head hurts.


So that was a clever thing to do, wasn’t it? It certainly wasn’t the indulgent little treat that I told myself it was going to be. Nope, it was more like punishment for something. 


I wish I could say I have learnt my lesson, but the truth is I will do this again at some point. 

However, following on from yesterday’s post, I am not going to let one silly mistake ruin my day. I am better than this! 


So here is a little pic of a blanket I made when I was going through a bit of a “primary colours” phase. I liked how the colours looked against the darker yarn, and the blocks were quite striking. Why am I sharing? Not entirely sure, I guess I just like to have plenty of photos about the place, when I scroll down it feels a little like I am flicking through my “crochet cv.” More tomorrow! 

Memory-Provoking Colours



Just taking a break from the baby shoes for a bit to stop myself getting jaded with the repetition, and taking some time to enjoy how colours work together –  crochet for crochet’s sake, I suppose.

I have always loved different shades of blue, and I knew that white worked with blue, but brown? It was there in my stash, I gave it a try, and I find I really like the natural look of this colourscheme. 

The brown is more of a tan colour, this picture makes it look quite dark, and it reminds me of the beach – not that we have muddy beaches here, we have lovely golden sand. However, we also get a fair bit of rain, so rather than wait for a sunny day we take a lot of rainy walks on the beach, and the sand looks quite dark then. Some of my favourite memories with the kids are of those rainy days by the sea, so maybe it is that association that draws me to these colours. 

I do remember using similar colours in a cardigan before that was really popular; here is a snip of one;



I think I might use these colours for one of the blankets I am hoping to make for me and the kids; a beachy memory blanket. 


Does anyone else have colours that provoke memories for them? How would you use your memory colours to create something really special? I would love to know what stories manage to attach themselves to your work 🙂

Ideas Wish List


Looking over my blog, it appears that I have been using a very limited range of colours lately – everything has been brown, black, white and grey. 

This is partly due to the projects that I have chosen; a robot or two, panda shoes, little grey bunnies. I don’t mind using these colours, but to brighten this grey day I am posting a snap of a stash-busting blanket that I was very happy with. Not only did it use up all the odds and ends of yarn that were tangling themselves up in my yarn cupboard, but it also had a really nice retro feel when it was done. I was retro before retro was cool – that makes me super-cool, although my teenage niece refuses to believe me on that one. 


I have just finished my daughters bunny slippers, and I cannot wait to see her face when she comes home from school and sees them sitting ready for her on the stairs. Isn’t that one of the pleasures of crafting that just can’t be measured? 


The plan for tomorrow is to write up the bunny pattern so that I can share it with you all – and it works up so quickly in chunky yarn that you could even whip up a few pairs as Christmas presents. (A lot of my own family members might be having their feet measured while they sleep over the next few days 🙂 ) 


Then it will be on to the next project. This is the part I find the most difficult. So many ideas. Does everyone have a wish list of ideas they wish they had the time to create? 

Image  I am toying with the idea of doing something in filet again. This is a Celtic Knot Christening shawl that I made as a present for a friend…I promise you, it is a knot, not a swastika as the computer is trying to make it appear. That would be a dreadful Christening shawl! 

I love birds, so possibly a filet bird pattern. Then again, by tomorrow I might have moved on to something completely different! 

Hope everyone is having a great day 🙂


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