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Clean faces. And walls and floors…




I have often come across patterns for crocheted dishcloths and washcloths, and in the past have never quite understood why anyone would want to put so much work into something just to have it wiped across a greasy plate or covered in ketchup. 

However, I did have a few cotton tension squares lying around about a year ago, and they somehow found their way into the kids’ bath. They made lovely soft washcloths, much nicer than the shop-bought flannels we had at the time. The kids used to fight over them – I was so surprised!

I think, out of all the things I have made for my children over the years, and all the hours of work I put into everything, those scrappy tension squares were their favourites, by far! 

I’m not sure where they all went, but we have one left now, and I caught my wee boy using it to wash the bathroom walls for me – so helpful! So tonight I decided to hook up a few replacements for their next bath. 

My girl has a butterfly in lovely buttery yellow, while my boy gets a smiley face in a blue/green shade that he will love. I have even started on one for myself, to be kept safe from any future “cleaning” the kids might choose to assist me with.  

I can kind of see now why people like to make these, although I still haven’t used one as a dishcloth yet! I know people like to give handmade dishcloths as gifts, so I guess that would be a nice way to perk someone up while they are doing their housework.Perhaps I will give it a try, if I can bring myself to dunk my lovely yarn into the kitchen sink! 

A little bonus is, of course, another few balls of random cotton left over from earlier projects have now been put to use, and I intend to do the same with any more cotton I find lurking in there. Yessss! Take that, stash!





It’s growing!



A little update on the project I started yesterday after a bolt of inspiration from the blue (well, more of an internet search than a flash of brilliance!), my first Bruges lace.

I have used, it seems, a larger hook than the recommended size, which means my work is coming out quite open, and quite large. It is already the size of a small plate, and still has two or three rounds to go. It is going to be quite a size when it is finished, but I don’t really mind as I am planning to put it on the table anyway, hopefully in time for Christmas Day. 

As projects go, this one has been surprisingly soothing, with very few moments of confusion or annoyance. I would recommend Bruges lace as a starting point for anyone considering a first crocheted lace project, as it uses very few stitches, is quite repetitive, and works up quite quickly, good if you are a little impatient, like me! 

Finally, I have to say thank you to SuzJones for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks a million for the nomination, I know I need to put up a list of my own favourite blogs now, and will be doing that tomorrow, hopefully, when I have a little more time. 

Anyway, somehow it is now 1:20 am here and I am not in bed, in spite of an early start looming ahead. Not clever! So I’m off to bed now, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Could Crochet Improve My Attention Spa- oooh look!




It amazes me how often I set out with one goal in mind and find myself a few hours later on a completely different path altogether. This evening I was going to attempt to work from a photograph, to see if I could follow some advice from Youngatfifty, a master in the art of photo-copying 🙂  so I was trawling the web to find something interesting (but not too challenging!) to recreate. I spent ages admiring beautiful motifs and appliques, and then somehow got sidetracked, and now I am doing Bruges Lace! How did that happen?!

Actually a project in Bruges lace has been on my wish list for some time now, and tonight I must have just happened upon the trigger for that particular project. I have only made a start on it so far, working from a chart in a “Duplet” magazine. It is worked in fine cotton, which you really have to be in the mood for as I find it can tangle easily if you get distracted. Tonight I am leaving my project as is for now, too many times I have crocheted into the wee hours only to come down in the morning and spot a glaring mistake that needs ripping out! 


Off to bed now with a song in my heart, maybe a new crochet challenge was just the distraction I needed for these long winter nights. Hooray! 🙂


Crocheting for Confidence!

Crocheting for Confidence!

Crafting is such a deeply personal thing for a lot of people. We work away on our projects, often re-working and re-designing several times to get something “just right.”

Sometimes, the most difficult part of the process is finding the confidence to show off the finished article, especially if it has been made for a really special occasion and is the result of many, many hours of work.

I made this veil for my daughter’s First Holy Communion last year, and had such a crisis of confidence that I almost gave in at the last minute – I would have gladly gone out to buy one rather than have my home-made version on show for all to see.

In my eyes I had made the veil too long, and the weight of the cotton was pulling the top out of shape. If I had made it shorter, the bottom edging would have been more visible against my girl’s dark blonde hair, rather than lost against the white dress. The beads I used didn’t give enough sparkle, and I should have used something in crystal, rather than pearly white……..

Why so negative?! I am normally a very positive person, and try to see the good in most things. Why was I being so harsh about this veil?

If someone else had made the veil and given it to my daughter, I would have been over the moon and been thrilled with such a personal gift.

I think it is because I have always been a shy person, and my confidence has taken a real knock over the last few years. This is something I can either give in to, and crawl away to hide from the world, or fight against and get back out there.

I chose the latter, that day, and I pinned the home made veil to my daughter’s hair, even though I was a bundle of nerves. She loved it, and so did a lot of people. Of course, a lot of other people didn’t even notice it – I had built this up in my mind, into a really big deal, when in actual fact, it was only a very minor part of what was a really lovely day.

Lesson learned;

From now on, if you want to create something, just go ahead and do it. Our creativity is what makes us all so unique, and it would be such a loss to go through our whole lives hiding it away from the world.

Over the past week, since starting this blog, I have seen many, many photographs of other peoples’ creations, and have really loved them all. I am going to continue to share my own photos here in the continuing fight against shyness. Let’s have a little faith in ourselves and in our own abilities. 🙂

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