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Saturday Night Robot Dancing Fever…ish

ImageSo, here is our newest robot buddy, a little companion for Stretchylegs.

Why so grumpy? I think it may be due to the fact that I have given him such teeny weeny arms. My boy was desperate to play with him, so I cut short the creative process by attaching two lengths of chain stitch before handing him over. The idea was to go back at a later stage and give him proper limbs, but my son thought they were so hilarious that they remain in place.

His little arms also inspired his name…say hello to Skinnyarms. Good name 🙂

Its not all grump and sulk though. We have noticed that this wee guy loves to boogie.


Oh yes sir. I can boogie.

And I think I may have had too much time on my hands….. 🙂

Sharing, in the hope that you are all having a robot boogie-tastic weekend.



Here he is..

Here he is..

I think he may be the first of many. My son, who has christened this wee fella “Stretchylegs” has requested another robot, this one with wheels and a bigger head.
My son also “helped” with this project, so it was quite a sweet way to spend some time together. I am asking my daughter for some ideas too so that she can get involved.
I haven’t done any toys or amigurumi type projects in a while and it always surprises me how the critter takes on a personality of its own as soon as the face is put on. Maybe that is why the face is so hard to get right. As a first robot, and one that came entirely from my the imagination of my 4 year old son, I am pretty pleased. I will post his friends as soon as they are “born!”

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