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“Accidental Cardigan”

Sometimes in the past, when I was crocheting something and it started to look…well…rubbish, I would rip it out and feel very annoyed with myself. This happened especially when I was following a pattern, and what I was making didn’t look much like the picture. (This was usually because I had used the wrong yarn, or hadn’t read the pattern properly!)

A friend of mine asked me to make a cardigan for her niece, and it looked as though this cardigan was going to go the same way. I chose a nice soft sparkly yellow yarn, and was aiming for a matinee-style coat, with a flared skirt and a more fitted bodice, like so many vintage baby patterns. I got to this point, and realised it did not look as good as in my head;


The skirt part didn’t flare out enough, the design was a little babyish for a one year old, and the yellow was turning out to be a little bland for such a large garment. I still love the yarn, but for smaller clothes, I think. (It’s called “Stardust Wondersoft,” by Stylecraft, and it is really, really soft!)

Instead of ripping it out and then eating biscuits in a bad mood for the evening, I did this;


Please excuse the collar in this pic, it hadn’t been blocked yet and should sit like this;


I wasn’t sure about white and yellow, but it really worked and I was delighted not to have to start again. (This was actually my third time starting again, I ate a lot of biscuits this week. )

So I guess sometimes, something looks like it is going horribly wrong, but if you try to think “around” the problem, the solution is often as simple as different coloured sleeves.


I am going to have to borrow a baby for future photos, clothes always look better being worn.

Now that the cardigan is finally finished, I am free to get on with the next project….but I have been so inspired by all the lovely pictures on everyone’s blogs, I don’t know what that project will be yet. So many ideas! So much yarn in my stash!



Because most babies kick before they can walk…football boots!

Because most babies kick before they can boots!

Another dreadful photo, my apologies! It’s an old one, actually, that I came across when I was sorting out some old pics on the laptop.

I was obsessed with making the cutest bootees ever, and thought that little football/soccer boots would be quite sweet.

HOWEVER……..I failed to take into account the extra chub that little people like to wear around their feet, ankles, legs…well, all over really. Which meant that these particular baby shoes were almost impossible to get on – oops!

I thought I would share the pic anyway in case anyone out there is in a babyshoe kind of mood and would like some inspiration. Just remember to allow for babies’ adorable fatness when making up the “sock” part 🙂 If anyone does re-work this idea, I would love to see a picture!

Tonight I am working on a cardigan for a friends little girl, who is almost a year old. It should be finished by tomorrow, with luck, and I look forward to sharing some pics – as the design took on a life of it’s own, as these things often do. For me, at least!

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