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Keeping the faith – and the wonder of blocking


It’s finished, the first piece of Bruges lace I have ever attempted, and even though I stood on a chair, I still haven’t managed to fit it all into the photograph.  Although it wasn’t technically difficult, there were times when I would hold it up and wonder why on earth I was carrying on with this when it was looking so awful! Here is how it looked pre-blocking;


It does make me giggle a bit to see it looking like that, and I wonder at all the times in the past when I have ripped something out in frustration because it didn’t look right, when in fact all it needed was to be sprayed with water, pinned out, and left to dry.

If I was the type to get all deep and philosophical I would suggest that there are many times in life when we just have to trust that, as crappy as things are right now, they will all turn out the way they should in the end. I’m not, so I won’t, but I will admit that when I stood back and looked at my new lace doily drying on the kitchen table, that is the thought that popped into my head.

Learning to see the bigger picture through crochet, who knew, right? 🙂

Could Crochet Improve My Attention Spa- oooh look!




It amazes me how often I set out with one goal in mind and find myself a few hours later on a completely different path altogether. This evening I was going to attempt to work from a photograph, to see if I could follow some advice from Youngatfifty, a master in the art of photo-copying 🙂  so I was trawling the web to find something interesting (but not too challenging!) to recreate. I spent ages admiring beautiful motifs and appliques, and then somehow got sidetracked, and now I am doing Bruges Lace! How did that happen?!

Actually a project in Bruges lace has been on my wish list for some time now, and tonight I must have just happened upon the trigger for that particular project. I have only made a start on it so far, working from a chart in a “Duplet” magazine. It is worked in fine cotton, which you really have to be in the mood for as I find it can tangle easily if you get distracted. Tonight I am leaving my project as is for now, too many times I have crocheted into the wee hours only to come down in the morning and spot a glaring mistake that needs ripping out! 


Off to bed now with a song in my heart, maybe a new crochet challenge was just the distraction I needed for these long winter nights. Hooray! 🙂

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