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Rabbit Population Explosion



I know, I know, more bunnies. But you start with two, and then you know how it goes, they just keep on popping up all over the place. 


This pair was a request from my daughter. Her baby doll has been clothed in lovely snuggly crocheted clothes for a while now, but the wee man had nothing for his feet. She was delighted when I showed her these, it was well worth the effort (small things are so much more frustrating than bigger things at times!)


Here is a newborn-sized shoe to show the size difference





And some great news; A local gift shop has placed an order for some of my animal bootees, “As many as you can make,” was the quantity they asked for 🙂 They will offer them for sale and then I will receive a commission from each pair that sells. It is just pocket money really, a long way from paying the bills, but great for my confidence and great motivation to keep going with it. 


I will hopefully post some photos soon of some of my non-bunny critters. 

Hope everyone is having a great Monday xxx 

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