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This little Piggie…




Here are my latest baby shoes, a pair of piggies, complete with curly tails. 

I am pretty happy with how these turned out, and even happier of course that the only features needed were a pair of French knot eyes. It is very frustrating when something looks like it might work, right up until the last moment when the eyes or nose go and spoil it! 

Hats are much easier to get the faces onto – although this little monster began as a frog!




A robot hat…he may even wear this one :)

A bit of fun...he may even wear this one :)

My son often admires the hats I make, but will rarely keep one on his head for long. He was like that as a baby but I was hoping he would grow out of it, especially if I let him help with the design. He requested this one and was most helpful with the choosing of the colours, buttons and googly eyes.
This one is a robot, although it didn’t look all that robot-y until the ear-pieces went on with the little antennas. The yarn is a soft grey aran-weight that I had in my stash, and am glad to finally use up. I will not be beaten by this enormous stash of yarn!
My boy prefers most of his clothes to be loose rather than snug, which means this hat could probably fit me…if only I was brave enough to wear it 🙂

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