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I caved…Minion Hats


Adding these two to the million other minion pics on the internet!

I had been resisting the urge to make minion hats, because I felt I was copying someone else’s work, and it felt a little like going against the “crafter code,” if there is such a thing. I don’t mean the artists that created the minions for the films, I mean the talented lady at a craft fair that I visited who was selling a minion hat, among other things. It was the first time I had seen one, and I very nearly bought it, as I knew my son would love it. The only thing that stopped me was lack of cash, but later that evening I realised I could very easily whip up a few of my own – except I saw that as “ripping off” that lady’s work.

Just the other day I was asked if I could make a minion hat for a friend, and a quick internet search revealed that there are many, many people out there doing the same thing, so that eased a little of the guilt.

But you can guess what happened….as my boy saw me sewing on the eye, he jumped up in delight, “A minion! I love it! I love minions! Could you do one for me please? With two eyes, please? Please?!”

So, I am always delighted when the kids ask me to make them anything, and was happy to make him a hat that he will enjoy wearing. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this will not be the last one I will end up making….they seem to multiply!


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