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Trying to avoid the countdown!



I don’t celebrate New Years. I have spent the years finding various ways to steer clear of the hype and the big countdown. In the past I have had some very early nights, some very long baths, and some extreme reading marathons, each of which worked in their own way, although I did end up with some puffy eyes after a whole night of reading! 

This year was a dancing robot, in crochet. I wish it had taken a little longer, but I am pleased to be sharing this picture of him tonight  I feel he shows that I am not dodging the festivities because I am being negative, or because I am anti-social, but that I want to greet the New Year and all of its’ hopes and promises in the morning, with my children, rather than sitting here on the sofa, alone, at midnight. I always feel that the big countdown leaves me facing backwards, looking over the old year and the pain it brought with it. I want to wake up and find everything brand new, like an adult version of Christmas, I suppose. Waking up to find the gift of a new year and another new beginning. Hope its good for all of you too, whether you are celebrating or not. 🙂

p.s. Robot of the Day this one is for you

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