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Winter, Do Your Worst




I may have had one or two slightly “off” days lately, but I am on my way back up and that means a break from sugar headaches, niggly worries, and bouts of snappiness with the kids. 

It also means that I am crocheting happy hats and shoes again, rather than trawling the internet for some inspiration, and losing precious hours of crafting time to the world wide web. 

Here is a ladybird hat that I have just finished, and am quite pleased with. Is that because his lovely red yarn is super soft and snuggly, or because looking at his little smile made me realise that I am over that little mini-blip and am back to my normal self again? 

Both, probably. It is funny how our creations often mirror the feelings inside without us even realising. I wouldn’t have felt much like putting a smile on a ladybird yesterday! 

Winter does this to me, I knew that and was prepared for it, to a point. I wasn’t prepared for the difficulties at home, and it is a great shame that they teamed up with the grey days of winter to try to bring me down together, but I can do this. 

Lets have some better days 🙂

Sugar Headache





I should have gone straight through the kitchen, away from the scene of temptation, and distracted myself with a little study, or some crochet, or a good book. 

I could have gone for a walk to clear my head, I could have called a friend for a chat. Oh, so many things I could have, and should have done.

What did I do? I ate a lot of chocolate. Too much chocolate. And now my head hurts.


So that was a clever thing to do, wasn’t it? It certainly wasn’t the indulgent little treat that I told myself it was going to be. Nope, it was more like punishment for something. 


I wish I could say I have learnt my lesson, but the truth is I will do this again at some point. 

However, following on from yesterday’s post, I am not going to let one silly mistake ruin my day. I am better than this! 


So here is a little pic of a blanket I made when I was going through a bit of a “primary colours” phase. I liked how the colours looked against the darker yarn, and the blocks were quite striking. Why am I sharing? Not entirely sure, I guess I just like to have plenty of photos about the place, when I scroll down it feels a little like I am flicking through my “crochet cv.” More tomorrow! 

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