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Make some tiny pants today


Here they are, tiny little trousers for tiny little legs. I’ve used a pen for scale today, mainly because the apple from my last pic has been eaten by my boy.

Most of the patterns I come up with remain inside my head, but this one I have written down and am going to share. I don’t mind what you choose to do with this pattern, but if you do give it a go, I would love if you could donate a pair or two of these little trousers to your nearest NICU ward. (They were designed with teeny babies in mind.)

I have used dk yarn and a 4mm hook for this, and use US crochet terms. (I’m not in the US, but my magazine habits have caused me to US-ify my terminology!)

  1. Leaving a long end (roughly 12 inches,) ch 21. HDC in 2nd chain and HDC to end. 20 stitches. Place a stitch marker in the bottom of the 10th stitch from the hook.


2. Work 12 rows in HDC.

3. Work HDC into first 9 stitches, then fold work in half so that the stitch marker is beside the hook.

Now work into the underneath of the marked stitch; back into the opposite side of the foundation chain. Complete this row by working a HDC into the next 8 stitches.


You have now completed one leg of the trousers and your hook is at the waistband, ready to begin the next leg. Turn your work. Here is how it should look.


4. Work a HDC into the next 9 stitches, turn. Make 12 chain stitches.


5. HDC into second chain from hook, and into next 11 chain. HDC into 9 stitches, back up to waistband again. You should now have 20 stitches again, for the second leg.

6. Work 12 rows of HDC into these 20 stitches.

7. Fold this leg in half. You can now slip stitch the 11 stitches of the leg seam together.


I’ve left the stitch marker in place to help you make sense of the photo, in case my instructions are not clear enough!

8. From this point, you can also slip stitch the back of the trousers together. You may notice a slight gap, caused by the extra row between the trouser legs. I normally just ease the edges together and slip stitch them ,the extra row Β is not noticeable once the trousers are finished.


9. At this point, the hook should be back up at the top of the waistband again.

Chain 1, then work a row of SC evenly around the waistband of the trousers. The actual number is not important as long as they are evenly spaced. My count was 28 on this pair. Slip stitch to first SC.

10. Chain 2, then work a DC into each SC around. Slip stitch to first DC, then fasten off and sew in the loose end. Make a drawstring from about 70 chain stitches, then thread it through the gaps between the DC.

11. Finally, using the long end, slip stitch the first leg seam, and fasten off. Weave in the last loose end, turn the right way out, and you are finished!


If you prefer not to use a drawstring for a baby, you could always put in a length of elastic, but I find that stitching the drawstring in place gives reassurance if needed.

I have shared this pattern for two reasons;

First of all, it was World Prematurity Day a few days ago, and the whole month of November has been dedicated to raising awareness of premature babies and those who care for them. I thought sharing a pattern would be a nice way to do my small bit for them.

Secondly, if you are just learning to crochet or just beginning to design your own items, this pattern is a great way to see just how versatile crochet can be. Who knew you could create a pair of trousers with no making up to do and only 2 loose ends to weave in?! (Making up and weaving in are my two least favourite bits of this craft – so lets just not do them!) I have also found a way to make a cardigan with very few seams and very little making up – I may be sharing that pattern at a later date πŸ™‚

Once you get your head around changing direction and seaming-as-you-go, the possibilities are endless. So many ideas – I would quite like to turn these into dungarees, for example, or see them in stripes, like pyjama trousers. If you decide to give them a go, I would love to see your pictures! Enjoy πŸ™‚

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