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Children are the Real Teachers




Not a crochet post today, although I have been plenty busy with the yarn. 

I wanted to share this, not so that I can brag about how wonderful my kids are or to fret about how on earth Santa is going to grant this particular Christmas wish. I wanted to share it because it helped me so much this morning when things were looking very grim indeed.


Money is tight in our house. It is tight all year, and worse at Christmas, like so many families. This year I was upset because I don’t know where the money is going to come from to sort the kids out with toys, new clothes, and a good dinner. 


The kids wrote their letters to Santa last night. I have always told them to ask for three things, and three things only. Anything extra will come as a nice surprise – and it means much less stress for Santa! They take a lot of time and care choosing their three things, so the letter writing often takes a long time.

Then, this morning, mid-worry session, I read over my daughters letter and saw that one of her three wishes was that other children would have enough to eat on Christmas Day. I burst into tears! I am not much of a crier, but that really got me, because it made me ashamed that I had been worrying so much when there are children out there who will have a miserable Christmas, and a miserable life. 


So, my mission now, is to find a way to help my kids’ wish come true, at least in some small way. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the kids involved in giving to others this year? Any help at all would be much appreciated. (I know we could just put some money in a charity collection box, but I would love for the kids to be able to feel as though they are actively doing something real to help!)

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