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Festive Friday in miniature


I have been blessed with two children who don’t just love each other, but also like each other, in spite of being very different at times. Could it be their differences that keep them together?

Look how they chose to dress up today for Festive Friday at their school; my boy, who is still only 4, went all-out with a bright red Santa hat and wore it with pride, the bobble swinging behind him as he ran in to the classroom.

My daughter,who is 9, was less comfortable with the thought of dressing up. Their school has a uniform, and she is happier blending into the crowd just now. I made her a tiny little Santa hat, and attached it to a hairband to sit on top of her head, it was very cute, and it solved her problem; she got to join in with the others but on her own terms.

My girl has been through a lot but I can still see her sunny little personality glimmering away deep inside, like a coin at the bottom of a fountain. At school, her brother seeks her out to make sure that she is ok. At home, she plays games with him, and helps him to read his favourite books. They are a perfect fit – and I am so grateful for them both.

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