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Sugar Headache





I should have gone straight through the kitchen, away from the scene of temptation, and distracted myself with a little study, or some crochet, or a good book. 

I could have gone for a walk to clear my head, I could have called a friend for a chat. Oh, so many things I could have, and should have done.

What did I do? I ate a lot of chocolate. Too much chocolate. And now my head hurts.


So that was a clever thing to do, wasn’t it? It certainly wasn’t the indulgent little treat that I told myself it was going to be. Nope, it was more like punishment for something. 


I wish I could say I have learnt my lesson, but the truth is I will do this again at some point. 

However, following on from yesterday’s post, I am not going to let one silly mistake ruin my day. I am better than this! 


So here is a little pic of a blanket I made when I was going through a bit of a “primary colours” phase. I liked how the colours looked against the darker yarn, and the blocks were quite striking. Why am I sharing? Not entirely sure, I guess I just like to have plenty of photos about the place, when I scroll down it feels a little like I am flicking through my “crochet cv.” More tomorrow! 

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