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Time to shine, for all of us



It may be a little quiet here over the next few days, so I will take this opportunity to say happy Christmas to all of you, or just have a really great day if you don’t do the Christmas thing. So many of you have shared some really kind words and wonderful comments, all of which have meant so much to me.

Sharing a picture of our tree angel today, she is a bit special to me because I made her a few years ago as an experiment with fabric stiffener and lace, using a pattern from Crochet World magazine.She turned out ok, but has warped a little from lying on the shelf ever since – I was living with my parents, having fled an abusive partner, and didn’t have a tree to put her on! 

This year a lot has changed for us. I have my own place again, close enough to my parents for the kids to have plenty of time with them, and wonderful support for me too. We even have our own tree now, decorated with ornaments donated by friends and family, so covered in lovely little reminders of their love for us. And on top of the tree, finally in use, my angel. So much symbolism in there, so many emotions, but all good, finally. All good. 

It’s growing!



A little update on the project I started yesterday after a bolt of inspiration from the blue (well, more of an internet search than a flash of brilliance!), my first Bruges lace.

I have used, it seems, a larger hook than the recommended size, which means my work is coming out quite open, and quite large. It is already the size of a small plate, and still has two or three rounds to go. It is going to be quite a size when it is finished, but I don’t really mind as I am planning to put it on the table anyway, hopefully in time for Christmas Day. 

As projects go, this one has been surprisingly soothing, with very few moments of confusion or annoyance. I would recommend Bruges lace as a starting point for anyone considering a first crocheted lace project, as it uses very few stitches, is quite repetitive, and works up quite quickly, good if you are a little impatient, like me! 

Finally, I have to say thank you to SuzJones for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks a million for the nomination, I know I need to put up a list of my own favourite blogs now, and will be doing that tomorrow, hopefully, when I have a little more time. 

Anyway, somehow it is now 1:20 am here and I am not in bed, in spite of an early start looming ahead. Not clever! So I’m off to bed now, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Could Crochet Improve My Attention Spa- oooh look!




It amazes me how often I set out with one goal in mind and find myself a few hours later on a completely different path altogether. This evening I was going to attempt to work from a photograph, to see if I could follow some advice from Youngatfifty, a master in the art of photo-copying 🙂  so I was trawling the web to find something interesting (but not too challenging!) to recreate. I spent ages admiring beautiful motifs and appliques, and then somehow got sidetracked, and now I am doing Bruges Lace! How did that happen?!

Actually a project in Bruges lace has been on my wish list for some time now, and tonight I must have just happened upon the trigger for that particular project. I have only made a start on it so far, working from a chart in a “Duplet” magazine. It is worked in fine cotton, which you really have to be in the mood for as I find it can tangle easily if you get distracted. Tonight I am leaving my project as is for now, too many times I have crocheted into the wee hours only to come down in the morning and spot a glaring mistake that needs ripping out! 


Off to bed now with a song in my heart, maybe a new crochet challenge was just the distraction I needed for these long winter nights. Hooray! 🙂

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