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Lose the UFO Bad Feeling




You know that niggly, unfinshed feeling that nags away at the back of your mind when you know you have left something undone? Most crafters have a bag or box somewhere with half a jumper in it, or a single sock, or a cardigan with a million ends that are too much of a chore to sew in. Every now and then you might think about your UFOs, and be filled with a guilty shame – the UFO Bad Feeling. It is horrible! 

I have a level of neat-freakishness that rarely allows me to start a new project before the old one is finished, but I did come across 8 granny squares this week that have been gathering dust for almost two years. I decided the time has come for them to fulfill their destiny and become a blanket – and amazingly, that blanket is now complete. Quickest blanket ever! 

What was I missing when I looked at this UFO?

The fact that even a glass half empty still has something in it! An Unfinished Object is something that has been started – and so finishing the project takes a fraction of the time. Instead of looking at this project and thinking of all the hours of work I still had to do, I should have looked at it and said “Cool, 8 squares of this blanket have already been done!” 

And from now on, if I come across any more buried treasures, that is how I will look at them. Finishing them will not be a chore, it will be getting to complete a project in half the time. Yippee! 





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