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“Dwindling” Giant Stash



I have been on a stash-busting mission for many, many months now. Like many crafters, I found that my collection of gorgeous yarns was taking up more and more room, and seemed to be growing faster than I could use it up. Even after I stopped buying more yarn, the collection grew and grew. 

That is partly down to circumstances beyond my control; this stash is a combined effort, as my mum is a keen knitter and has been adding her own purchases to the pile every so often. Also, we were honoured to be the recipient of not one, but two deceased ladys’ unused yarns over the last year. Yarn purchases are so personal, and I was touched by the kindness of the grieving relatives in thinking of us, so it would have been incredibly insensitive to decline the gifts. My mum took a ball of wool from one of the bags and knitted a scarf for one of the daughters of the woman who had died – so she was receiving a gift from her mum, in a way. I thought that was a really nice thing for mum to do. 

The problem I now face is that the yarns I mostly use are almost gone now; I use a lot of DK, and 4ply for the baby shoes and neo-natal items that I make. I have used up some chunky wool in making my adult sized bunny slippers and a lot of DK odds and ends in my blankets. 

So the stash is shrinking, slowly, but still takes up almost 5 full bin-liner sized bags, stuffed in under my stairs, in shame. It is not an ideal storage solution, as somehow tangles manage to develop, all by themselves, while the bags of wool sit in the dark, obviously bored and unfulfilled. 

I do want to use the remaining yarn, but it is so different to what I normally go for; there is some of that ruffly scarf yarn in there, knobbly bobbly stuff similar to the teddy shoes in the photo, super chunky that is like rope, and quite a few fuzzy, hairy type yarns that I hate the feeling of around my fingers.(I did try to take a photo, but the camera is not cooperating. Possibly another day, if I can bring myself to look at it again!)

Does anyone happen to know of a charity that accepts balls of yarn, or anyone looking for yarn donations? Or is anyone out there in bloggyland desperately seeking several balls of randomness that they would be willing to give a loving home to? 

Failing that, I will have to scour the internet – again!- looking for some projects that inspire me enough to drag out the big bags from their hiding place. One ball at a time, I can do this – and my reward when it is gone? A yarn shopping spree, yippee! 



Butterfly hat



Just sharing a pic of a butterfly hat that I made using a wonderful book called “100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet” by Lesley Stanfield. It has some amazing flowers, leaves, insects and fruit, and the pictures make them all look so pretty that I could just sit flicking through the pages for hours! 

I am returning to the bootees today so am having a little look for some more inspiration. I do have a list of shoes that I would like to make, the problem is  making the yarn stash fit the list – I am still yarn-dieting and very reluctant to buy more yarn, especially when the shoes only take up such small amounts. I don’t want to buy 100 grams of yarn when I know I will only use a tenth of that! (yes, I know I could make 10 pairs, but the repetition can be quite draining and can really suck all the fun out of crochet.) 

I got a little sidetracked looking for online inspiration, and ended up gazing in wonder at some beautiful crochet lace, in all it’s many forms. I guess that is another one to add to the wish list! It seems that for every project that I finish, another ten ideas spring up to replace it – and there just aren’t enough hours in the day! 

Hope everyone is having a great Monday (no really, there is such a thing!) 🙂





A robot hat…he may even wear this one :)

A bit of fun...he may even wear this one :)

My son often admires the hats I make, but will rarely keep one on his head for long. He was like that as a baby but I was hoping he would grow out of it, especially if I let him help with the design. He requested this one and was most helpful with the choosing of the colours, buttons and googly eyes.
This one is a robot, although it didn’t look all that robot-y until the ear-pieces went on with the little antennas. The yarn is a soft grey aran-weight that I had in my stash, and am glad to finally use up. I will not be beaten by this enormous stash of yarn!
My boy prefers most of his clothes to be loose rather than snug, which means this hat could probably fit me…if only I was brave enough to wear it 🙂

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